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TTAN8BHSKBFixes a problem where the wrong conflict dates are shown for a new meeting created with repeating weekly by day.
PANN8LNT3YFixed a Calendar refresh issue that Calendar documents failed to display without hitting Refresh.
DCON8M4MLUFixed an issue where the BlindCopyTo field was being removed when the FYI attendee edited the meeting on their calendar
MALE7JYNERThis fix reduces replication conflicts in the Resource and Reservations (R&R) database related to busytime purging. Prior to this fix, busytime...
TLAM8SURETFixes issue where adding multiple Notes user names to a single federated calendar would cause Notes to crash
BLEE6TZTD5Time zone information should no longer show up erroneously on imported ical events
ADET8TXGLBFixes issue where when using the Istanbul time zone, the correct time is not shown in the calendar view
PANN8KLSZMFixes issue where iCalendar from a mail-in DB has a Notes style address for the Chair rather than iNet address
JUYA7ESDZ4SPR# JUYA7ESDZ4 -When exporting calendar data, meetings are converted to appointments and the data is exported as METHOD:PUBLISH. However, if you...
FPAI7KHN2UResolved "Error trying to open document" when opening acceptance notice for certain types of repeating meetings.
GMAA8SEFYHClient crash when un-checking a blank entry under 'Show Calendars'
ADET8HLR67Attempting to Add a Calendar which is a .ics file, the error "Warning: For input string: 'cerid=0'" is encountered.
RPAL8PPALUDatepicker in Day at a Glance calendar is always collapsed after Notes restart (does not restore previous state)
MCHN8UMJGPFixes a specific situation where Information updates to Calendar entries were not working properly.
SANR8R3RV3Fixes a problem where accepting a public meeting invite in iNotes will always send out an acceptance notice that is marked private
SMAA93YR86Fixed problem where the 'Private' setting was lost on a meeting that was delegated from an invitee and accepted by the delegatee.
NRBY7GYSYGMeeting counter proposals do not work from an Outlook chair
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